Owl Pattern

This design is for owl lovers. Cute, fuzzy, big-eyed and available on tons of products! Go shop my Redbubble page now!




Say Yes to New Adventures

For those who love, crave, desire, STRIVE for adventure! This one is for you. Go check it out on all the different products on RedBubble! You won’t be disappointed with the quality and durability of RedBubble products and the clarity and brilliance of how the design shows up on the products!


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Baby Bump and Mother/Daughter Photoshoot

I did a little mini shoot with my sister and niece, and of course the little one still in the belly! We went out hoping for a warmer day (it being near the end of April). But it ended up being very cold and windy! So we did it quick but the shots turned out great considering the circumstances! My little niece Eva was all smiles, and the view of the water helped too! My little niece number #2 was born on May 11th, only a couple weeks after we took these photos! Her name is Elliana Rayne Meloro and she will definitely be in some future photoshoots!


Hey everyone! I don’t know if I mentioned this before. But my almost 9 year old macbook has been slowly starting to die on me, leaving me basically computerless! So its been a complete nightmare trying to upload new designs, let alone something as simple as browse the internet. The only thing its good for is using my ADOBE programs. Nothing else is really working. So I am using random computers that I can get my hands on here and there in order to post anything lately. BUT I have been working on designs in my sketchbook. And I’m in the process of coming up with a project on how to come up with some quick money to get a new computer (they are not cheap!) I opened a new shop on Etsy that I plan to get in full motion as soon as possible. Again uploading things will be difficult. But I am learning patience…in the most annoying way possible haha. So I hope you will all check out my etsy shop! I only have one thing for sale on there right now. A downloadable file of my Me and My Tea design so you can use it as wall art! Here is my etsy page.

So I have some new designs up on redbubble! It has been an absolute blast coming up with stuff for ALL the new products available on Redbubble. They now have pencil skirts, leggings, studio pouches, drawstring bags, duvet covers, scarves and more! So I posted a few things! Go check them out! http://www.redbubble.com/people/caites

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Water Color Cheetah Skirt (Available on 12 different products)

Retro Morning Mug

Summer Chick (Available on 17 different products)

Halloween Design – Toothy Grin (Available on 23 different products)

Summer Summer (Available on 9 different products)

Paint Drops – Purple (Available on 13 different products)

Paint Drops – White (Available on 13 different products)

Rainy Day (Available on 7 different products)

Framed Inspirational Quote on wall

Hey everyone!

Wow it has been forever since I have posted stuff. I can’t even begin to get into the craziness going on in my life this past month. I have barely been able to work on any new designs or draw/sketch/paint at all! And its making me crazy! I would love more than anything to just do this full time, and not worry about a day job. And all the stresses of life in general lately doesn’t seem to be helping my artistic side at all. I just want to get away, with a sketchbook, and design and draw to my heart’s content! Alas…that is impossible right now. BUT I did manage to do a few cute photos with quotes on them for my cousins for late Christmas presents this year. This one is my favorite, and relates to a lot of people who have wanderlust and love sunset/beaches. I did not take this photo! But I found it on this site full of free printables! And found a travel quote from pinterest, and played around with some fun fonts in photoshop and placed it right on top of the photo.

Here is where I got the photo (free awesome printables people!)

And here is the quote I found on pinterest.

So I hope you guys like it! And may it remind you of the summer that is on its way to rid us of this wretched winter!


Colorful Retro Design – Great for Teens!


This design originated from just a simple sketch of a girl that once finished kind of reminded me of my teenage self, and it made me think about all the different little things that made up the chaotic mess of a teenager that I was. So I decided to just draw a bunch of words that portrayed my teenage life. All of which had some kind of personal meaning to me at some point during that stage of my life. Once the sketch was done, all I could envision was “retro”. This needed to be given a retro inspired look. So that is when I photoshopped in the colors, textures and patterns to achieve that look! I hope you enjoy it!

Original sketch

Original sketch


portrayed as poster

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