Ocean Quote – Wall Art

Something I created earlier in the summer, but never got around to posting it to my portfolio. This is a hand-drawn design for those who love the Ocean as much as i do! Its great as wall art, but you can purchase it on a number of products on my redbubble page here:


OCEAN_QUOTE_texture2       ocean-quote-wall



Hey everyone! I don’t know if I mentioned this before. But my almost 9 year old macbook has been slowly starting to die on me, leaving me basically computerless! So its been a complete nightmare trying to upload new designs, let alone something as simple as browse the internet. The only thing its good for is using my ADOBE programs. Nothing else is really working. So I am using random computers that I can get my hands on here and there in order to post anything lately. BUT I have been working on designs in my sketchbook. And I’m in the process of coming up with a project on how to come up with some quick money to get a new computer (they are not cheap!) I opened a new shop on Etsy that I plan to get in full motion as soon as possible. Again uploading things will be difficult. But I am learning patience…in the most annoying way possible haha. So I hope you will all check out my etsy shop! I only have one thing for sale on there right now. A downloadable file of my Me and My Tea design so you can use it as wall art! Here is my etsy page.

So I have some new designs up on redbubble! It has been an absolute blast coming up with stuff for ALL the new products available on Redbubble. They now have pencil skirts, leggings, studio pouches, drawstring bags, duvet covers, scarves and more! So I posted a few things! Go check them out! http://www.redbubble.com/people/caites

And you can see them on full display right here!

Water Color Cheetah Skirt (Available on 12 different products)

Retro Morning Mug

Summer Chick (Available on 17 different products)

Halloween Design – Toothy Grin (Available on 23 different products)

Summer Summer (Available on 9 different products)

Paint Drops – Purple (Available on 13 different products)

Paint Drops – White (Available on 13 different products)

Rainy Day (Available on 7 different products)

Me and my Tea and My Christmas Tree

Hey Everyone! Here is a new design for Christmas! Another one for the tea lovers. Me and My Tree and My Christmas Tree! This illustration I did with pencil, pencil crayon, and black pen. Hope everyone likes it! You can purchase it on a mug here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/caites/works/13290349-me-and-my-tea-and-my-christmas-tree?grid_pos=22&p=mug

I will be posting wall art and t-shirt versions of this design soon! Check back here for updates!




Vote for Threadless to print my painting!!

Hey all my wonderful followers 🙂 !! I have a request from you all! Remember the painting I posted the other day, “Black Ocean Squall”? My painting is up on Threadless for voting! I would appreciate it so much if you all could vote for my painting to be accepted for print! In order to do this, just click this link and give it a “5”. The more votes I get the more chances I have of Threadless printing my work! I have only 7 days to invite people to vote for me and then they will make their decision. Thank so much everyone, you are the best! 🙂


Kiss in the Rain

A painting that looks good on almost anything, iphone case, notebook cover, t-shirt, canvas, poster…it’s just that versatile 🙂 I hope you like it!

Black Ocean Squall Canvas Print


Hey everyone! I painted this years ago, and It has received many compliments over the years, so I am thinking I should start selling it! It’s great for a new addition to your kid’s room, yet it’s appealing to people of all ages! Like and Share!

(No this is not my living room…haha. I found a picture of a living room online, and photoshopped my painting onto the wall to show you how it would look! )