Mother & Son Fall Photoshoot

This was a perfect day for a photoshoot! My good friend Brittany and her little guy were a joy to work with (after the first bit of him warming up to me of course), and you couldn’t ask for more photogenic subjects! We shot in a beautiful location by the ocean and they turned out beautifully 🙂


Baby Bump and Mother/Daughter Photoshoot

I did a little mini shoot with my sister and niece, and of course the little one still in the belly! We went out hoping for a warmer day (it being near the end of April). But it ended up being very cold and windy! So we did it quick but the shots turned out great considering the circumstances! My little niece Eva was all smiles, and the view of the water helped too! My little niece number #2 was born on May 11th, only a couple weeks after we took these photos! Her name is Elliana Rayne Meloro and she will definitely be in some future photoshoots!

Baby Belly Photoshoot

Some friends of mine asked me to do a little photoshoot of them with the baby belly before the baby came! Oh and their cute little daschund joined in on the fun for a couple shots too! The due date was only 4 weeks away! And believe it or not, only a week and a bit later the baby arrived! So we did it just in time. Hoping for a baby and mother photoshoot sometime in the near future 🙂 Here are some shots from the day! Taken on the Bedford Waterfront right before sunset.

Wedding in Prince Edward Island

This past weekend I was in PEI for my sister’s belated wedding reception. She was married officially, with a small ceremony, back in December 2013, but had her reception and dance this summer. Since I was her maid of honor, I wasn’t her official photographer, but I did manage to snap some shots when I wasn’t busy running around, or being in the pictures myself. We had a beautiful backdrop in my aunt’s backyard in Argyle shore. There were beautiful green fields, red dirt roads, gorgeous draping trees, a white picket fence…it was perfect. Besides the cold, gusty winds and the fact it was raining on and off all day, we managed to get some really good shots at just the right time. Here are a few of my favorites that I captured that day.

Winter Family Photoshoot

Had the pleasure of taking this family’s photo the day after Christmas, on a cold winter’s day in their yard among these gorgeous trees. Such a great family, so easy-going, lots of smiles and super good sports about being out in the cold 🙂



It's Fall

The colors in the trees make a statement in my heart.
All the beauty that fall brings is a natural work of art.
Autumn days don’t last, the colors come and go so fast,
Drifting through the oranges and reds, painting auburn pictures in our heads.
A crisp, cool breeze and fallen leaves, may autumn put our souls at ease.